Frequently Asked Questions

When did the Banke-Jackson family purchase the property? 

A:  The property, formerly known as the Wikiup Golf Course, was purchased in 2015 by WBR, LLC, a limited liability company wholly owned by the Banke-Jackson family.


Why did the Banke-Jackson family purchase the property?
A:  We purchased the property for the allowable land uses related to the K Zoning designation.   


Why didn’t the Banke-Jackson family reveal at time of purchase that they were the owners?

A:  At the time of the purchase of the Wikiup Golf Course the family had not made any decisions about the future of the site and was not prepared to discuss them. After the fires, the family became more focused on the site and exploring its potential to revitalize the Larkfield-Wikiup-Mark West community.


Does the Banke-Jackson family have specific plans for the site?

A:  We know that any future plans will be consistent with the family’s desire to support the community and protect the resource values associated with Mark West Creek.  We hope to receive and consider the community’s input as we develop those plans.


What are the options on the site?

A:  The site has K Zoning -  Recreation and Visitor-Serving Commercial District designation. 

Allowed K uses include (partial list): hotel/motels, visitor-oriented retail, RV parks, campgrounds, schools, churches, parks, libraries, small power stations, service yards/parking lots, residential community care facilities, commercial recreation facilities, day care centers, agriculture, mixed development projects and restaurants.


Would you consider commercial development of the Site?

A: Yes.  Commercial development is an allowable use related to K Zoning.


Would you consider housing for the site?

A: Yes. We understand housing is desperately needed in this community and in the greater Sonoma County area. 


Would you consider a park for the site?

A: Yes. We believe a small park could be a consideration.  However, the viability of this decision will depend on identifying appropriate partners to support the long-term needs associated with that option.  


Is there a specific timeline for developing the site?

A: No, but we do want to make decisions, with neighborhood input, relatively soon.  There are a lot of needs in this community post-fire.  We would like to help address some of those needs at this site.  So, timing is more important now than it was a year ago.


 What are you doing in terms of community outreach?

A: To ensure that we can hear from our neighbors in the Larkfield-Wikiup-Mark West community we have created a website for ongoing dialogue, announcements, meeting notices, etc. Please visit:

We have also set up a phone number, 1-888-873-7113 for community input and questions. It is our goal to continue this community dialogue while decisions are being made. 


Are Mark West Creek improvements part of this development?
A:  As the property owners, we own a portion of the Creek, just as the neighbors who back up to the Creek in Mark West Estates and on Londonberry do.  It is our goal to preserve the natural state of the Creek and provide open public access to the Creek.  We will work with our project engineers, the resource agencies and non-profits to reduce impacts to the Creek.


If housing is developed, wouldn’t the Banke-Jackson family need to re-zone this property?
A: If we conclude that homes are the most beneficial use for this property, yes, we would need to re-zone this property accordingly and move the K designation. 


What are you doing to keep the property fire safe until development starts?
A:  We will continue to work with the resource agencies and local fire departments to maintain the property.  Coordination is necessary so that we don’t mow during fawn season and to ensure compliance with rules on fire suppression.  

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