Park Page

Welcome to our Park Page, where you will find: the vision and goals for the proposed park, a link to the aerial concept video, and the presentation in full.  We will post updated FAQ’s and responses to comments soon.  Please email your feedback/comments to by January 15, 2019, and allow a few days for our response.

The park, creek restoration and any bridge references are all part of the larger proposal, and will require County permitting and approval.  In order to make this a reality, we will need to work together to identify long-term funding opportunities for the development and ongoing maintenance of the park site.  The Park space is enabled by a land dedication intended to compliment the new housing that is also planned in the project implementation, creating a true community commons for residents and neighbors.

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Overall Vision

Create a 16 acre public park that enhances the health, beauty, value and functionality of the surrounding community by regenerating the natural ecosystem including the existing riparian buffer zone by providing family-friendly recreation, education, food production and pedestrian access.

Functional goals of this vision are to enrich and support the following:

  1. Enhance the local community’s connection to and support of this unique piece of land

  2. Promote pedestrian access and passive community interactions

  3. Increase neighboring property value through proximity to greenway

  4. Protect and enhance the area’s natural resources, attracting and supporting beneficial wildlife

  5. Accessibility for a diversity of community members (i.e. seniors, adults, teens and children; dog-friendly; ADA compliant thoroughfares)

  6. Promote unstructured recreation as well as small organized events

  7. Maintain privacy for bordering residences

  8. Create an overall system that is low-impact, low-maintenance, energy efficient, waterwise, and firewise.

  9. Educate the public about natural ecosystems and growing healthy food through direct and indirect methods.

  10. Integrate land history

  11. Work with housing contractor and creek restoration team to create a fully integrated outcome across the evolution of planning and implementation.

  12. Showcase and enhance native plantings, utilizing a diversity of bloom cycles and foliage variation for four-season sensory interest.

  13. Implement and maintain four-season food production

  14. Phase implementation overtime to optimize outcomes