Working Partnerships to Benefit the Wikiup Community Grant Submitted

Working Partnerships to Benefit the Wikiup Community


Middle Mark West Creek Community & Watershed Resiliency Project

A coalition of project supporters submitted a planning grant application for the restoration and enhancement of Mark West Creek along the Wikiup Commons.  This project will (when designs are implemented) result in increased protection for homes, schools, and a public water supply well, and improved habitat for threatened & endangered salmonids.

The proposed project will engage multiple stakeholders to generate a design for floodplain

reconnection and enhancement, bioengineered bank stabilization, and native plantings along

a 2,500-foot reach of Mark West Creek, an ecologically and economically important tributary

to the Russian River in Sonoma County, CA. The project reach has historically experienced

flooding and erosion issues, and those issues were exacerbated when the Tubbs fire of

October 2017 devastated much of the watershed, including the project reach.

The project, when designs are implemented, will increase protection for approximately 30 homes

(many with septic systems in their streamside backyards), two schools, and a public water supply

well owned by a municipal water company that serves 2,400 people. The proposed project

would address limiting factors and improve habitat values for threatened and endangered

salmonid migration and rearing by increasing habitat complexity, improving summer

streamflow, and decreasing erosion and sedimentation.

(“National Fish and Wildlife Foundation – National Coastal Resilience Fund” 08/17-2018)


We would like to thank those who participated with the Banke-Jackson family, for donating their time and effort to explore funding opportunities.  Those entities include:

  • The Sonoma Resource Conservation District

  • Sonoma County Water Agency

  • California Department of Fish & Game

  • Mark West Union School District

  • Sonoma County Conservation Action

  • Community Soils Foundation

Aaron Stainthorp